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Spinal Decompression in Commerce City

person on decompression tableAt Commerce City Chiropractic, we love helping patients express their true health potential. Doing that involves offering a variety of different techniques designed to promote whole-body health and wellness.

That’s why we’re happy to offer patients the ability to stretch and decompress their spine on our advanced spinal decompression table.

Our decompression table is designed to gently stretch the discs of the spine, removing pressure and allowing the fluid filled sacs between each vertebrae to rehydrate and function as they were intended.

Patients often undergo decompression to reduce pain, return function, increase mobility, correct herniations, and simply feel better. Candidates with herniated discs, bulging discs, and those with sciatica are encouraged to give decompression a try, as well as patients who are dealing with acute or chronic pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does decompression hurt?

Spinal decompression doesn’t hurt at all-in fact, many patients find it extremely gentle and relaxing.

How many sessions will I need?

Typically, we recommend 15-20 sessions over the course of several weeks but every patient is different. You will be given specific recommendations for your unique case.

How often should I come in for maintenance care?

Usually, we encourage patients to come in for monthly maintenance compression. Some patients can benefit from weekly maintenance decompression, depending on their job and their weight. Others only require as little as one session a month for maintenance decompression.

What is the difference between traction and decompression?

Traction is static—meaning it just pulls and relaxes repeatedly. The decompression has a rest phase, so it pulls for a minute and 15 seconds, and then it relaxes for 15 seconds. Then it pulls again and then relaxes again. This process repeats the entire time a patient is on the table, which is usually 15-30 minutes.

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We’d love to help you understand how spinal decompression could help you reach your goals in health naturally. Contact us today to get started-we can’t wait to welcome you into the practice.
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