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Sports Rehabilitation in Commerce City

Men on field playing footballIn our practice, we often see practice members who had a sports injury in the past that’s now acting up. For many, there has been no additional care to support the corrections made in the initial treatment. This has allowed the adjustment to fail and the original symptoms to manifest again.

At Commerce City Chiropractic, we may employ a variety of therapies and services to relieve your pain and discomfort. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, we’ll help you get out of pain, build strength and stamina, and give you strategies to prevent future injuries.
New Practice Members

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Providing the Mohey Core Method

At our clinics, we have treated pro athletes from the NHL, wrestling, NFL, baseball and more, in all our locations. The modalities used are based on the athlete’s needs after an in-depth assessment is done. The doctor evaluates the pain scale, whether it’s chronic or acute, how active they are, if there’s an injury, etc.

Once we have all the information, we put together a combination of modalities and services to alleviate pain, stabilize, and rehabilitate the injured area. The plan may include several modalities, such as ultrasound, massage, neuromuscular re-education, and the Mohey Core Method (MCM), as one of our options.

We are very fortunate to have the creator of MCM working with us. MCM is the result of 20 years of testing and refinement. It contains a collection of stretches, exercises and massages. When done properly, this technique delivers astounding results.

Some benefits of MCM include greater strength and mobility, the ability to stand taller, and pain relief.

A Fantastic Combination

Mohey and our doctors have teamed up for a good reason—using chiropractic and MCH together produces tremendous outcomes. Dr. Sands often has Mohey work on him, and he gets off the table feeling incredible! With MCM, your core will be strengthened, which helps your spine become more stable. The two work hand in glove to get you results.

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Reach out to our staff to find out more about sports rehabilitation. Contact us today.

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